I Design Code.
And Code Design.

Press Releases

Project List and User Portal Launched
Thursday, 31. January 2019

The list of projects is now extended with short descriptions of a few of my own projects. Detailed project pages for these will follow soon. Additionally the user portal for customers is now operational.

New Website Launched
Monday, 28. January 2019

As customer projects principally always take priority, I am especially glad to finally announce the lanuch of my brand new website.


As Berlin based software and graphic solution provider, I offer my services and skills to small business up to enterprise corporations.

I face interdisciplinary challenges, in order to provide solutions for even most extraordinary tasks. My experience in diverse positions, with broad range of technologies and a wide variety of industries, as well as my bilinguality and my analytical and creative skills, shape a solid foundation, which enable me to master new and demanding situations.

Website Services

You can access the following functions and settings at any time through the main menu. To open the main menu, please click on the menu symbol, located in the top right corner on every page.


To turn the radio on, select one of the Berlin radio stations. You can adjust the volume through the controls in the second row.

Notice: The radio appears not to (yet) work with mobile devices.


Enter your search terms and select a search engine. If you do not select a search engine, you will be directed to the search page.

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