Software-Engineering and Development, Web-, Graphic- and Media-Design, Process Optimization and Project Management from Berlin.

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Your ideas. Your dreams.
My help to realize them.

Destination set, but without a golden thread .
A vision, that lacks shape.
A Gordian knot without a sword.

Irrespective whether if one time or project accompanying counseling, I introduce myself as reliant and professional partner and stand by you. I provide you with my long years of work experience and technical competence, to bring your endavour to success. With a fresh perspective by an outsider on a deadlocked situation, even the biggest hurdle can be overcome.

Move forward!
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The correct strategy.
Always one step ahead.

Regardless of whether if detailled concept or short term and continuos sprint planning, what matters is proper preparation to be succesful.

There is a truly astonishing amount of methodologies, to formulate a project idea. The type of objective, composition of the team and a myriad of other criteria determine, what may be best in your case. Crucial for your success is, to achieve and retain an overview. A conducive planning shapes the project, leads the team and can additionally function as documentation.

Make your move!
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Piece by piece.
Every part in its place.

The correct balance of perfectionism and efficiency.

With a stern view to the essentials, the result, I prioritize dedication, passion and team spirit to master even the most demanding implementation in best possible quality. Knowledgable in diverse technologies, methodologies and topics and with my quick comprehension and learning ability, I am capable to master novel and unique challenges.

Reach your goal!
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